We actually started last week, but that was the Animex week, so I guess one could say I was busy... :P
Anywayz, I've started now, and here's what I have so far:

Ident/Name: Xenophobia Pictures

Title: Fence'd

Pitch: Sheep jumping over a fence, but one sheep is nervous and uncertain, and when it's his turn, he fails to jump over the fence. Annoyed after a few more failed attempts, he walks around it instead.

Plot: "You know when you can't sleep, they always tell you to count sheep? Well think of the sheep..."
Imagine sheep jumping over a fence, and behind them, there's a whole lot of other sheep waiting to jump. But in the line, there's a SMALL SHEEP. It looks around, at the other sheep, it's obviously NERVOUS, and it does little practice jumps in the line.
 When it's the small sheep's turn, it hesitates, before it starts to run towards the fence, but stumbles on the way, and has to start over. Some of the other sheep shakes their head about it, some roll their eyes. The small sheep starts to run toward the fence again, but forgets to jump, and runs headfirst into the fence. The other sheep starts to get annoyed and impatient. The small sheep goes back to the line, starts over again, and this time it remembers to jump, but doesn't jump high enough, and gets stuck on top of the fence.
When it gets down on the ground again, it sighs, annoyed that it can’t get over the fence.
As we move a bit backwards, one can see that the fence ends right out of our previous view, and the small sheep walks around it, triumphantly.


The following will be mostly for myself, but I'll just post it here so I have it all in one place...

List of what I'll be needing:
Ground – grass – bump? – planes?
Sheep – 3 diff? – eye controls?
Little Sheep (main char) – eyes, head, legs
Clouds – Particle clouds? - Spheres?

Development – 1 week
- Paperwork, planning

Pre-Prod – 1 week - (vacation - winter holiday)
- Concept, storyboard, previz

Modeling – 1 week
- Characters, props, scenery

Rigging – 1 week
- Characters

Texture/Lights – 2 weeks

Animation – 5 weeks
- Render - 1 week

Post-Prod – 5 weeks
- Sounds, title, credits

Also fit in Ident – in the vacation? – in post-prod? – or just whenever a break is needed^^