I decided to work alone, since everyone else either was already in a group, or seemed to have their own thing going on, and I really wanted to do my story (Fence'd).
That was probably one of the stupidest decisions I've ever made... 
I figured I could probably pull it off, doing everything myself, as long as I kept it fairly simple. 
I  can  not  rigg. And I'm not too fired up about animation either. 
And worst of all, you have noone else to neither share nor discuss the work with. And having someone else (who actually knows a bit about the subject) look at you work occationally is really helpful. 
Of course, I have my classmates, but they've had their projects going on as well, and most of them keep forgeting the story, so they couldn't really help with the storyline.
Most of the time, I've asked my sister (who is 10 years old, and also the main target audience) to look at it. She usually only says "aww, so cute!" or "looks nice". Not very helpful.
The teacher helped me some, but it's still no fun doing everything on your own. It gets very lonely. Trust me!

So for everyone considering to do a big project all on their own - re-think! 
It usually gets better if you have someone else's strengths to use too. Nobody can be best at everything.

Xenophobia means fear of strangers. I thought it was kindof funny, since it's a one-person group. 
...It's not so funny any more... -__-  *lonely* FYI, I am socially addicted.