I tried for weeks to make a rig (with several weird tries). And considering I don't get a thing about constraint and stuff, I was pretty pleased with the one I made. Too bad it wasn't animatable. I seems it was too complex (unnecessary bones and controller), and also the constraints was all wrong. (among other things, I had IK on the back, and on the head/neck).
I tried asking a couple of the guys from 2nd year last year (one of them is in England at Teesside atm), but they weren't able to help me (mostly due to having their own projects going on). All they were able to do/say, was that I couldn't possibly use the rig I'd made.
I figured out what they meant when I tried to start animating.
And so I tried with CAT, but I couldn't figure out the animation layer thingies >_<
I even want as low as to try with biped, but I couldn't get it into position. Though I'm not too fond of the biped to start with, so I didn't really try too hard with it.

Then I remembered Petter Burhol's presentation of his Oblig 3 (character design), and how he seemed to know what he was talking about. so dropped by his class and asked he had time to help me. He said he had some time, so he'd at least look at it, so I brought the file, and in about half an hour he had made a rather simple, yet incredibly good (and user, aka me, -friendly) rig ^^
So all credits on the rig go to Petter Burhol. Thank you so much :D
But due to my numerous errors in trying to make a decent rig, I spent several more weeks on it than I had planned, which put me quite far behind my schedule. 

But at least, as I was struggling with making a rig, I took a break from it and started texturing. If I hadn't done that, I do not know what would have happened to the texturing. 
So, yay :3
Finally got a rig that works, thanks to Petter Burhol. 
Gotten started on the animation, and I think it's going pretty well... :3
Promise I'll have more updates soon!
Here's a li'l render for now :3
I think it's looking rather good ^^