So I finally decided what sound file I want for my lipsync. 
I ended up with Voldemort from A Very Potter Musical.
In the clip he says 
"And you... And you think that killing people'll make them like you, but it doesn't. It just... It just... It just makes them dead..."
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Mkay, so I'm back, and it's time for a new Project ^^
DigiAct part 2 - Lipsync ...or at least animating a rig to a soundfile :3

First part was to go into groups of 3 or 4, and discuss which was the 4 most important of the 12 animation principles.
I grouped with Sourc[e]x and Felix-b.

We agreed that these are the most important animation principles for us in this project:
#2 - Anticipation
#3 - Staging
#9 - Timing
#12 - Appeal
So here's my final Model Sheet drawing and  the Accessory Renders
And fore those who are interested, here's some renders of the details: