Since I failed at trying to shorten the Teltra story, I figured I'd just post a different one. So here's something quick and rather weird. It's in Norwegian, and I haven't bothered to translate it yet... Anyway, here you go:

Kid løper rundt i skogen, snubler i en stokk, ser en rød tråd (garn?), følger etter, ned i en hule, blir mørkere og mørkere, ser brått et lys, går mot lyset, lyset kommer fra en liten stein som ligger på bakken, inni ene hjørnet innerst i hula, plukker opp steinen, bruker den som lommelykt for å komme seg ut igjen, putter den i lomma ved utgangen av hula, tråden er borte, ser et skilt festa til et tre, skiltet peker oppover, følger skiltet og klatrer opp i treet, ser hele skogen, mørke skyer kommer, klatrer ned fra treet,  skyene overskygger sola, det blir mørkt, finner frem den lille lysende steinen fra lomma, det begynner å regne, men steinen lager en slags beskyttende "boble" eller halvkule rundt, sitter på en tjukk rot under et stort tre og venter, sovner, regnet slutter og skyene går bort, trenger ikke bobla lenger, og den forsvinner, det blir lyst, og steinen smuldrer bort, våkner, (fortsatt gått seg bort i skogen,) prøver å finne veien hjem, løper rundt i skogen, snubler i en stokk...

Yes, it's a loop...
I've got a story I'd like to make intro a short movie once in the future, but apparently, it's a far too large task for our final project this year, therefore I thought I could try to shorten it, but that destroys the story, so now I've finally found a way to  do a short version: I could make a preview/trailer of/for it :3
It's mostly just cuts from the entire story, but here you go:

Teltra 3.2 - What could happen inside a freezer box?
First we see the neighbourhood/the house, the camera zooms in on the basement window, flying through it, just as Jonas sits down in the freezer box, cut to view from within the freezer box when the Neighbour closes the lid, instant blackness as the lid is closed, suddenly we see Jonas sitting in the middle of a purple grass field, pan/zoom out, we see that he's surrounded by parallell rows of twisted pastell trees. Cut to Jonas walking, cut to him being surrounded by creepy, zombie-like-walking mannequin shadows, cut to Jonas completely surrounded, then the mannequin-creatures part, and the Leader approaches, Jonas walks with the Leader and most of the mannequin-creatures disperse back between the twisted pastell trees, cut to the Leader pointing, and Jonas look down in a sort of floating pond, camera tilt over his shoulder, we see Jonas' family all frustrated, in double speed, Jonas looks up at the leader, anxious to get home (despair in his eyes/face), cut to the Leader and Jonas walking to the end of an edge/cliff (the other side of the grass field, as opposed to the floating pond)Jonas looks over the edge, camera til over his shoulder, there's nothing there (infinity), cut to Jonas running and jumping off the cliff.
Next cut to Jonas sitting on a chair in the bacement, grinning at his sister, and her smiling back.

It's a story about Jonas, a 15 year old boy, who ends up in his younger sister's fantazy world after he tried the teletranportation machine they made, Teltra 3.2. The world consists of purple, glowing grass and parallell rows of twisted pastell trees, and the only inhabitats are faceless, gray mannequin-creatures looking creatures that kind of resemble zombies when they move. The have a Leader, a mannequin-creature with a drawn-on face and that actually walks (as opposed to the other mannequin-creatures), and the only way to get back to Jonas' world is to Jump off the edge (cliff), but it only works if someone back in his world knows where he is, if not, he'd end up falling forever, but Jonas knows his sister created te world, and that she knows that's where he is, so he jumps. the next instance, he's back in the freezer box, and as he gets out, the aduld fall quiet and walks upp, out of the bacement, and Jonas sits down on a chair as he talks to his sister. 

Okay, I fail trying to shorten it :P
For the first part of this project, we're supposed to come up with 2 short story ideas. 
So here're mine:

A Flower's Life
A small, imperfect flower, among lots of beautiful flowers, feels lonely and ugly. The other flowers look down on it or ignore it.Then a little girl (crippled?/sick) comes, and she befriends the flower, protects it?(e.g. sits with it under an umbrella while it rains hard/hails (possibly many of the other flowers are damaged), throughout their friendship, the flower brightens up.happy/sad ending - girl dies beside the flowercredits - gravestone, pan down, the flower grows on top of her grave...still working on the second one... :P