The navigator is a great way to move around on the canvas (picture/image, whatever you want to call it) it can easily be found under window, and placed in the workspace, along with layers and history panels. 
I can’t work in PS without being able to use the navigator , so I figured I’d let you other people out there, who didn’t know about navigator, know about it, and where to find it, since it is one of the best panels in PS, along with layers. At least in my opinion.

We've gotten a preparation assignment to think about/discuss three short animations .

Katedral - Tomek Baginski

Respire - Andre Bessy

Grain S

I'll just jump stright to part 3 of day three's assignment - Future 3D Film Production
What kind of 3D do I want to do, and give examples:
The effects in this vid are kind of awesome-ish. Simple, but cool^^
Something between that and the effects in the next one here is somewhere along the lines of what I want to do :3
Oh my gawsh I totally love that awesome cute dragon at 0:38-0:42 <3
And the main character (Dave) is the voice of Hiccup in 'How to train your dragon', which is another awesome movie :D
So... This is my first post. Woohow!
Guess I should tell a bit about me, and at the same time do my homework and tell a bit about how I ended up here and such...

My Name is Vanja Sandøy, full name Vanja Renate Angelica Sande Sandøy. I'm at the moment 20 years old, born in April 1990.

My dream is to work with movies, and I'm really fascinated by special effects, so 3D seemed like a good choice... :3

At first, actually during 2nd year at high school, I had gotten interested in an education in 3D, and was considering 3D Game Design at NITH. But I've never been that much into games, not back then anyway. Though I'm starting to get a greater interest for it now, mostly by influence from my awesome classmates... ^^
Then a friend showed me that they had 3D Film Production at Noroff, and I was instantly sold. I mean, how could I NOT jump on the chance to combine 3D and film..? :3

I've had a thing for character design and drawing for almost as long as I can remember, and due to my problem with not being able to draw the same character repeatedly , I thought it would be nice to be able to create them in 3D... :D

I usually prefer to draw by hand, mostly with a regular HB pencil, and some times I use my eraser almost as much as my pencil... But I prefer to colour in Photoshop, 'cause it gives you more freedom to experiment with colours, it's often easier to do everything from tiny details to big, single coloured areas, and you're not doomed if you miss. Love that last part about it :3
I also have a user at dA (short for deviantART):

I also like to work in 3DS Max, though I don't know which part of it I like the best. 
I like to model, though I'm working on trying to be a bit faster, since I tend to be a bit of a slow worker, never being satisfied, thus never getting anything done... >_<
I also like to texture, and being a way of including drawing into the 3D art, not just as reference or concept, it's something I enjoy doing, no matter how hopeless it seems, and no matter how many times I have to go back and forth to make sure it's in the right place on the model/figure. It is also a way of challenging and forcing myself into developing my skills, both detail-wise, and generally drawing-wise.

General interests is mostly movies, Jim Carrey being my GOD!
Besides that, I love Marvel, especially Spider-man, Scarlet Spider, Wolverine and X-Men, and can't help turning my head after bypassing motorcycles, one of which I hope to own and drive one day (the sooner the better)...

That's it for now, I guess...
Any questions, comments and/or corrections are welcome :3