I got my idea pretty fast, and it was meant to be pretty simple - the rig was supposed to pick up the ball, carry it over to a box (more like a large crate or something), put it on the edge, and shove it in (see the "so-called" blocking for better understanding). I've kept the idea all the way, but the final result is nothing like the block. Simply 'cause I started all over, and on the second attempt I didn't block...
As Mats commented, my block was more like some sort of a storyboard, thus having no timing whatsoever, and therefore creating a lot of problems later on, since I had to go back and move several keys over and over. And the animation and story in itself was unnecessary long, creating even more problems that I could have easily avoided. In the end I realized I had messed it up so badly, that I just started all over. 
First changes I made to the new scene was that I moved the box in front of the rig, and the ball closer. That way, I didn't have to make that much unnecessary animation, seeing that it was the actual lift that was the assignment. 
As I previously mentioned, I didn't block on the second attempt. I did a mostly pose-to-pose animation, and it was waaay better, both working with the animation and the actual (and final) animation. 

I wanted the rig/character to seem a bit dejected (?), it's not something it wants to do, but it kind of has to, like the guy in this video: 
Therefore the breathing at the start...
I also wanted it to sort of fall in the end, after pushing the ball over the edge, and into the box/crate. But instead of the rig falling on it's butt on the ground in the end (like in the "block"/storyboard), it falls forward, but grabs hold of the box edge, and supports itself to a standing position. 
I must say - I am most pleased, considering I made this in about 1 day :3
I actually did it! I managed to make an animation in 1 day! (minor fixes today, foot movement, etc) *extremely proud*
And it's waaay better than what I managed to make during the previous time on this project... Another proof that I do everything much better the second time or so :3
I've managed to mess up my keys, and the animation in general so badly that I've just started all over... 
I started around 1 o'clock, now it's a few mins past 4... And I've already pretty much done at least half the animation. Of course, due to me starting on a new animation the day before we're supposed to deliver, I've made it a bit simpler - I've put the ball and the box a bit closer to the rig - but so far it looks good. ^^
Wish me luck, and I'll put up some WIP stuff ;3

And here's a preview of the frame I'm currently at :P
And now, I think I should get some lunch, since my breakfast was around half past 11 :P
I was done with the block last week, but I've just forgotten that we're supposed to post things here too, so I'll do it now ^^
Well, it's not really a block, just a series of pictures, but I did have a block too! Though alot has been changed since the original blocking/idea... Added some anticipation, waiting, ect...