I'll start off by letting you know that we parted up the projects in the group, in other words, I did the final on the storyboard, and also  did the pre-production for the animatic (cleaning up the pictures/files, and drawing extra pictures for animation (e.g. walks), and necessary backgrounds), Chris did the animatic, animating whatever he got from me, simply due to the fact that he's our After Effects master :3 And hat left Gustav to deal with the animatic. 
In other words we used each our "strengths" within the group - I did the drawing, Chris did the After Effects part, and Gustav got everything else :P Though from what I've understand modelling is really his strength...

And from what I've just written , you might think we didn't have anything to do with each other after parting, right? Well, we've actually been co-operating and talking together quite a lot, like as Fuse mentioned in his Storyboard post, with the layout of the house. We also decided together which shots to use in the previz :3

As far as I know, we don't have sound in our animatic... -.-'
But I guess it woud've enhanced what's actually going on if we had... Like the creaking sounds. 
Oh well - it IS called a Silent Burglayr (Et Lydløst Tyveri) th

Anyway, through having to fix practically every image and clean up and rename the layers, I do wish I'd done it right away... -.-'
I also understand that I should've done a few more interesting cameara angles. Oh well, lesson learned and all that, right? :3
Good thing we had Chris to make it all a bit more intresting... ^^

Click here to see the final Animatic :D

Since we used the pictures directly from the storyboard, we continued the gray-scale style. As long as you see the what's going on, there's no point whatsoever in having colours. Right? :3

All in all I'm really happy with the results, and the group worked out way better than I'd expected, considering I and Chris aren't exactly best friends on a regular basis. Yet, he was really nice to work with ^^
And none of us usually talk a lot with Gustav :P 
So really the entire group project thingie worked out really well ^^

As for the previz, with me and Chris dealing with the animatic, we left it to Gustav. Though we decided together on the shots, and we went with the part from where the Thief looks around on top of the bookcase, and then when he sits in the flower pot, shivering, and then to the part when he sees the silhouette of the policeman in the kitchen door opening as the policeman turns on the light. 
Finally done with the storyboard. Phew!
I had to redraw most of Fuse's storyboard drawings too, so now you know what I spent my weekend doing...
Anywayz, here's the final Storyboard panels:
The empty half pages are the gaps where each our parts ended - Page 1 and 2 is Fuse's, page 3 and 4 are Chris' and the last page is mine...
And just because I got the smallest part, don't think I got less to do, considering I've drawn the rest of the storyboard too.
As you can see, the drawings and background get sloppier throughout the storyboard - simply due to stress factor...
The boys did the text, aka. camera, descriptions and all that shait...

All in all I'm quite happy with the group and the way we worked things out... 
Only thing I can complain about is that I should've been more effective in the start... -.-' 
But that's entirely on me, so the group worked just fine^^ 
Though Fuse was a bit hard to get a hold of from time to time, but we worked it out :3
And we delivered on time xD

Oh - and here's my updated/rewritten Treatment:

"You know when you can't sleep, they always tell you to count sheep? Well think of the sheep..."
Imagine sheep jumping over a fence, and behind them, there's a whole lot of other sheep waiting to jump. But in the line, there's a SMALL SHEEP. It looks around, at the other sheeps, it's obviously NERVOUS, as it does little practice jumps in the line. 
When it's the small sheep's turn, it hesitates, before it starts to run towards the fence, but stumbles on the way, and has to start over. Some of the other sheeps shakes their head about it, some roll their eyes. The small sheep starts to run toward the fence again, but forgets to jump, and runs headfirst into the fence. The other sheep starts to get annoyed and impatient. The small sheep goes back to the line, starts over again, and this time it remembers to jump, but doesn't jump hig enough, and gets stuck on top of the fence. 
When it gets down on the ground again, it sighs, annoyed that it cant get over the fence. 
As we move a bit backwards, one can see that the fence ends right out of our previous view, and the small sheep walks around it, triumphantly.
Chris' Storyboard Sketches - What I've had to work with ^^

Been quite a long time since last time, hasn't it? Anyways, we're up and going on our latest project - Storyboarding. A group project.

I'm grouped with CBeYe and Fused-Designs, and as we were assigned the groups, we were to choose one of our stories, and work on it to a storyboard, which is the task we're currently at.

We went with *Gustav's (Fuse)* story. 

We split the story in three, to draw each our share. At least on sketch-level.
I haven't spoken to Fuse since we split the text, since he wasn't there on wednesday, and disappeared before I got a hold of him on Thursday, but at least I've spoken quite a lot with Chris (CBeYe).
Chris isn't to happy about drawing (though he still did his share), and since camera and positions and such isn't my strongest side, we agreed that I "refine" his drawings, and he eventually help me with the camera positions and stuff :3

And that takes me over to my current task. I seriously can't draw anything, at least not a storyboard (several pictures of the same characters in different positions and poses) without a decent model sheet. So I looked a bit around for refrence. 

The Policeman is my biggest challenge, since I don't usually do a lot of big, bulky, muscly men. Therefor I looked at the first that came to my mind: Superman. And other superheroes, such as Batman, and just random "Superheroes" I tripped over in Google Images.
Even though Fuse mentioned in his post that he pictured the policeman as  somewhat similar to Mr. Incredible, I had problems working with that. So I decided to do my own character designs for the storyboard. 

Oh, and I just couldn't help myself - I just HAD to give him bunny slippers ^^

As for the Thief, I just really started sketching some stick figure with a mask over his head. I liked the style of which he turned out, and figured it was something I wanted to work with. When Chris saw my storyboard sketches, he said he really liked that style too, and that made for Point OF No Return. 
We all had this picture of the Thief being skinny, dressed in black, and obviously rather bendy and atlethic. And since I wanted some ref to work with, who better to be used as a (role) model than the one and only - Your friendly neighbourhood SPIDERMAN!!! <3
Combined with the first "visuals" from my early storyboard sketches...
...that pretty much settles it for our Thief:

As you can see, he's completely black, aside from his hood/mask-thingie, which I decided to leave grey, to enable for expressions (see storyboard-attempt-visuals)
...His pose reminds me of Tim Burton's "9" :3

So now I just have to finish about 2/3 of the storyboard till monday, and we're all good ^^
For part 1 (of 3) of this project/oblig, we were to make a Treatment. As far as I've understood that's like a résumé/presentation of a story, without conversation or details (e.g. enviroment descriptions, unless dead important for story plot line)

And before we get to the actual story, there's some explaining/background info you should have.

You know when you can't sleep, people always tell you to count sheep? 
Well, think about the sheep. How they feel about it. What if there's one little sheep that can't jump over the fence. Or maybe it's never jumped over a fence before, and doesn't know whether it'll make it or not?

So here's my Story/Treatment:

[Fence'd Treatment]

Clouds, a large cloud in the middle of the picture, text appearing out of it in a blur (blur -> clear text)

"You know when you can't sleep, 
they always tell you to count sheep?"


"Well think of the sheep...
(But try not to fall asleep...)"

Text disappears in a blur (same way as it appeared) (clear text -> blur)

picture (video) of sheep jumping over a fence, inside of the cloud, grows larger as one "zooms in on" the cloud 
(camera moves closer, cloudy edges disappear as picture is entirely changed to the sheep
jumping over the fence)

[Clouds, text, picture]

sheep jumping over a fence, 
MOVE CAMERA-> several sheep waiting (in line?) to jump, one SMALL SHEEP in the line, obviously NERVOUS (looking around, shivering), does small practise jumps in the line, when it's the small sheep's turn, it hesitates, starts to run towards the fence, but stumbles on the way, starts over, runs toward the fence, but forgets to jump and runs into the fence (headfirst), starts over again, finally manages to jump, but doesn't jump high enough, and gets stuck on top of the fence. 
(gets down/cut-scene?)-> stands in front of the fence, ANNOYED, sighs/shakes head, CAMERA PAN OUT/BACWARD, reveals that the fence ends right behind/outside the previous camera angles, the small sheep walks around the fence

-turns to the camera, pointing its tongue at?

 [Fence'd Treatment]

The title is Fence'd, with the 'd as in Punk'd (MTV series with Ashton Kutcher) or Zaboo'd (The Guild series, episode 2, season 1)
I'm in group 3, so we got "Make 5 surprising twists of stories. (E.g. an earthquake, UFO's appear, a gang of thieves steal everything they've got)

Some of my ideas:
Everything seems really scary, like some sort of a horror setting, and then everything's okay (e.g. a surprise party)
Main character/protagonist seems like a hero, but turns out to really be the bad guy

And something I remember from a Mickey cartoon:
He climbs all the way up the mountain, and when he finally reaches the top, he realizes there was an elevator/ski lift on the other side...


Straight on to the next Project - Storytelling and Cinematography

Treatment - max 1 A4 page



Act 1 - Plot Point 1 -- Act 2 -- Plot Point 2 - Act 3