Yay! Finally <3 Concept Art! Drawing as homework xD Love that :3
And the best part about it - Character Design <3

I've already got 3 main ideas - Viking (man, big, muscular, hairy, slight temperament), Pirate woman/Queen (of course female, corset/shirt, high boots, cutlass) and a beggar kid from the Oliver Twist time (probably girl, short pants, large grown-up shirt, thief/pickpocket)

The project states that we're supposed to design our character with at least 3 accessories, and create a 3d model of 3 of these items/accessories, one of which must be footwear (or foot if character is barefoot)

Here is what I've thought of:
Viking: Winter leather/fur boots, helmet(?), shield(?), axe/sword(?), 
Pirate: Boots, cutlass, hat(?), glove(?)
Beggar kid: Worn low (leather?) shoes, belt(?),  scarf(?), (broken) watch(?), knife(?)

The project also says that the character have to based on a text, so my "influences" are: Thorgal series (cartoon) for the Viking, Kate Sommerset, the Pirate Queen from the Phantom series (cartoon) for the Pirate woman, and of course Oliver Twist for the Beggar kid.

What would be the most interesting? What would be the most doable? 

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