For the first part of this project, we're supposed to come up with 2 short story ideas. 
So here're mine:

A Flower's Life
A small, imperfect flower, among lots of beautiful flowers, feels lonely and ugly. The other flowers look down on it or ignore it.Then a little girl (crippled?/sick) comes, and she befriends the flower, protects it?(e.g. sits with it under an umbrella while it rains hard/hails (possibly many of the other flowers are damaged), throughout their friendship, the flower brightens up.happy/sad ending - girl dies beside the flowercredits - gravestone, pan down, the flower grows on top of her grave...still working on the second one... :P
1/24/2011 02:52:00

Sounds like an interesting idea, much opportunity for scenery and mood.
I'm not much for sad stories, but this one has a lot of potential as a short film.


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