I just realized I actually think this is fun. I'm not just trying to convince myself any more, I actually enjoy doing this. And it's not just the drawing part. but also the actual modelling. It took me about a year to realize it, but now I'm finally there^^
I also really like to model shoes. For some bizarre reason :P

Been making the shoe for my waif (orphan) kid, managed to kill Max twice in less than an hour while making seams and laces. And I'm getting a bit more along with splines, for the first time ever, now that I'm starting to understand the use of lines and stuff a bit better... Gotta love vertex snap. Occasionally. 
And I finally know how to use the Spacing Tool :3 Very useful for seams... ;)

Here's pretty much how far I've gotten at the shoe till now:
I'll just fix a few more things, and finish the laces (well, it's more like a piece of cloth or a leather strap tied around the top of the shoe to hold it in place - have to change the drawings too - it seams easier to make, and fits the character better, considering she's done the same thing with her hair - having a piece of cloth tied around it to make a ponytail) and I'll be about done. Frankly, I'm quite pleased with the overall shape and look (talking about the shoe again). I would make it a bit "raggy" and "well used"-looking, but that's something I'd have done with textures, and since we're not allowed to use that, I'll just skip it.

Also made some sort of knife, a really simple one, but I'm not really happy with it, so I'll just make a new one, probably something that looks more like a dagger than an ordinary pocket-knife. 

Btw, anyone know whether we have to make both shoes, or if we're just supposed to make one?

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