Okay, so rendering takes time... :P
Anyways, my sheep has got eyes now ^^
In other words, they no longer look like demon sheep xD
And I'm almost done with animation :3

Here's a little sneak peek :D
Btw, I also had to admit defeat, and remove TurboSmooth completely, since it added some serious render time, and screwed up the sheep completely. They looked so horrifying I nearly couldn't sleep >.<
And due to this, I will not be posting any pictures of the event, as all evidence has been removed (aka deleted), so that I might be able to sleep. Though the images in my mind still won't go away... >.>
After I switched over to MeshSmooth, everything has worked as it should :3

Buuut it's getting late, so I was thinking of going to bed, since my head don't want to work any more tonight anyway. Better get up early and do some serious work tomorrow instead ;)

Oyasumi nasai <3

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