I didn't get the time to do the sound, since the rendering took quite some time.
I'd actually found really good baaahs, but there was no time for editing or refining or putting them in place - unfortunately.
Therefore, there’s no sound on the video. But then again, the criterias didn’t mention sound :3
I also had to cut out several parts of the story, mostly due to lack of render time.
So now it's more like this:

There's some sheep jumping over a fence, and behind them, there's a whole lot of other sheep waiting to jump. But in the line, there's a SMALL SHEEP. It looks around, at the other sheep, it's obviously NERVOUS, and it does little practice jumps in the line.
When it's the small sheep's turn, it hesitates, but the sheep behind it bahs and nudges it on. The little sheep starts to walk forward, but as it starts jumping forward, it stumbles, and falls facedown into the ground.
The other sheep shake their heads about it and roll their eyes. The small sheep starts to run toward the fence again, butdoesn't dare to jump, and stops and stares at the fence. It starts looking along the seemingly never ending fence, and suddenly it sees something that catches it's attention. It starts walking along the fence, and the other sheep wonder what it's doing, until the little sheep gets to a spot where the fence ends. The small sheep walks around the fence, triumphantly.

And I also only have one computer to render on, as the school computer refuses to render the scenes. Every time I tried, it closed Max and all I got in return was a "max had to close" message.
I don't get it, cause I have pretty simple everything, and as I've mentioned, I don't even have TurboSmooth in the scene.
Anyway, I've therefore had to do all the rendering at home, and since I was quite a bit behind schedule, I've actually had to animate in one max while rendering in another. And when I was done with all the animation, I used the same method for double-rendering (in other words, rendering in two Max'es at once). Amazingly enough, it actually worked. :D

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