Finally done with the storyboard. Phew!
I had to redraw most of Fuse's storyboard drawings too, so now you know what I spent my weekend doing...
Anywayz, here's the final Storyboard panels:
The empty half pages are the gaps where each our parts ended - Page 1 and 2 is Fuse's, page 3 and 4 are Chris' and the last page is mine...
And just because I got the smallest part, don't think I got less to do, considering I've drawn the rest of the storyboard too.
As you can see, the drawings and background get sloppier throughout the storyboard - simply due to stress factor...
The boys did the text, aka. camera, descriptions and all that shait...

All in all I'm quite happy with the group and the way we worked things out... 
Only thing I can complain about is that I should've been more effective in the start... -.-' 
But that's entirely on me, so the group worked just fine^^ 
Though Fuse was a bit hard to get a hold of from time to time, but we worked it out :3
And we delivered on time xD

Oh - and here's my updated/rewritten Treatment:

"You know when you can't sleep, they always tell you to count sheep? Well think of the sheep..."
Imagine sheep jumping over a fence, and behind them, there's a whole lot of other sheep waiting to jump. But in the line, there's a SMALL SHEEP. It looks around, at the other sheeps, it's obviously NERVOUS, as it does little practice jumps in the line. 
When it's the small sheep's turn, it hesitates, before it starts to run towards the fence, but stumbles on the way, and has to start over. Some of the other sheeps shakes their head about it, some roll their eyes. The small sheep starts to run toward the fence again, but forgets to jump, and runs headfirst into the fence. The other sheep starts to get annoyed and impatient. The small sheep goes back to the line, starts over again, and this time it remembers to jump, but doesn't jump hig enough, and gets stuck on top of the fence. 
When it gets down on the ground again, it sighs, annoyed that it cant get over the fence. 
As we move a bit backwards, one can see that the fence ends right out of our previous view, and the small sheep walks around it, triumphantly.

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