For part 1 (of 3) of this project/oblig, we were to make a Treatment. As far as I've understood that's like a résumé/presentation of a story, without conversation or details (e.g. enviroment descriptions, unless dead important for story plot line)

And before we get to the actual story, there's some explaining/background info you should have.

You know when you can't sleep, people always tell you to count sheep? 
Well, think about the sheep. How they feel about it. What if there's one little sheep that can't jump over the fence. Or maybe it's never jumped over a fence before, and doesn't know whether it'll make it or not?

So here's my Story/Treatment:

[Fence'd Treatment]

Clouds, a large cloud in the middle of the picture, text appearing out of it in a blur (blur -> clear text)

"You know when you can't sleep, 
they always tell you to count sheep?"


"Well think of the sheep...
(But try not to fall asleep...)"

Text disappears in a blur (same way as it appeared) (clear text -> blur)

picture (video) of sheep jumping over a fence, inside of the cloud, grows larger as one "zooms in on" the cloud 
(camera moves closer, cloudy edges disappear as picture is entirely changed to the sheep
jumping over the fence)

[Clouds, text, picture]

sheep jumping over a fence, 
MOVE CAMERA-> several sheep waiting (in line?) to jump, one SMALL SHEEP in the line, obviously NERVOUS (looking around, shivering), does small practise jumps in the line, when it's the small sheep's turn, it hesitates, starts to run towards the fence, but stumbles on the way, starts over, runs toward the fence, but forgets to jump and runs into the fence (headfirst), starts over again, finally manages to jump, but doesn't jump high enough, and gets stuck on top of the fence. 
(gets down/cut-scene?)-> stands in front of the fence, ANNOYED, sighs/shakes head, CAMERA PAN OUT/BACWARD, reveals that the fence ends right behind/outside the previous camera angles, the small sheep walks around the fence

-turns to the camera, pointing its tongue at?

 [Fence'd Treatment]

The title is Fence'd, with the 'd as in Punk'd (MTV series with Ashton Kutcher) or Zaboo'd (The Guild series, episode 2, season 1)

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