I originally wanted some kind of semi-realistic sheep. Then I wanted really simple cartoony sheep (to make it overall simpler, considering I was working alone)
I ended on rather cartoony.
Though I wasn't really certain as to what sort of cartoony style I should go for. But as we started the project, I just started to draw the model sheet, and that's pretty much what I ended up with too. I'm actually really happy with the style, though I'm most happy with the lil' sheep, since that's the one I sort of made all the other sheep from.
The style is actually (unconsciously) inspired by the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic -series, though I didn't really think about until a friend said the sheep reminded him of the series, and that it actually could've fit right into the series^^.

Originally, I was going for blank eyes, as I then wouldn't have to animate the eyes (which was actually what my teacher suggested, when I was still working on the design. She's also the one who said they should have eyes, during the second last week of the project -__-). 
At the end, I ended up giving them eyes, and the responses was that they looked instantly much better :3 (And my sister loved the lil' sheep even more, which is good^^)

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