Original Title: The Boys Next Door
Year: 1986
Genre: Crime
Length: 87 mins
Age: 15 years

Publishers: Global Video
Subtitles: Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish
Audio: English
Punchline: Young. Handsome. Restless. Deadly.
Extras: Theatrical Trailer, Sneak Preview

Cost: 39 kr
Bought: Game Stop, Gunerius

Info - IMDb
"Maxwell Caulfield (GREASE II)  is the aggressive leader with "something eating away" at his guts. Charlie  Sheen (PLATOON), already showing the promise of future stardom, portrays the easily-led sidekick. Their hometown is a Nazi-American prototype community; with no willing babbage and a life at the factory looming before them, it's easy to sympathize with what happens next. Armed with graduation money, a car, and a stolen poodle, the boys decide to take a road trip to LA and make a weekend out of it."

Cast: Charlie Sheen, Maxwell Caulfield

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