Today was the Norwegian premiere of Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam on Disney Channel. It was awesome, and I love the songs <3
My absolute favourite song is Nick Jonas (as Nate)'s "Introducing Me" - it's got speed, rhythm, rhymes, humour, and a meaning. 
I also really like Demi Lovato (Mitchie)'s "Brand New Day", which is the song that sort of kicks off the whole movie (first song) - it's catchy, and really happy, and Demi's got (as always) a really nice voice. Powerful and with a lot of character - you easily hear that it's her. I think Demi Lovato is on of my absolute favourite female singers. 
Demi and Joe Jonas (Shane)'s "Wouldn't Change a Thing" is also really sweet, but with them singing different lyrics on top of each other is kind of disturbing, and it's hard to follow, but when they just repeat each other, or sing together, it gets really powerful ,and those are the parts I really like. 
The lyrics themselves in the song are also really nice, e.g. "you (me) we're face face to face, but we don't see eye to eye, we're like fire and rain (like fire and rain), you can drive me insane (you can drive me insane), but I can't stay mad at you for anything, we're Venus and Mars (Venus and Mars), we're like different stars (like different stars), you're the harmony to every song I sing, and I wouldn't change a ting"

For some reason I don't like any of the Camp Star songs, not even their "promotional" song "Fire". I kind of feel that none of their songs have any power or passion to them, so I guess the writers/film-makers managed that pretty well, considering they apparently don't care a bit about that over at Camp Star. 

I've been looking forward to that movie since I first found out about it (pretty much the same as with the first Camp Rock movie, only this time I wasn't disappointed), and it was absolutely worth it <3

I guess you should have watched Camp Rock before you see this movie, but it's absolutely worth seeing. That is, as long as you're at all interested in musicals and/or music movies, like I absolutely am ;)

Now I'll just have to wait till the DVD comes out... In the meantime I'll be listening to the soundtracks ^^

\" times confusing, possibly amusing, introducing me."/

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